About us

Who is No722?

Let's start with the origin of our company name (cause this is a good story)

July 22nd (722) is a very important date to me.  This was my Mother's birthday and It was also the date I found out I was pregnant with my one and only daughter.

My Mom was my inspiration.  She was a very talented artist.  We were always creating things together.  From random art work for my first apartment to amazing art work for my home (that I have proudly displayed today).  There was always a project in progress. 

My mom passed when I was 2/3 of the way through my pregnancy and we weren't finished with the art work for the nursery.  I am not nearly the artist my mom was, so the nursery was finished with purchased décor instead.   

I always wished I could paint like she could (but I didn't get that gene)  

When I found Redesign with Prima and Hokus Pokus transfers I was finally able to create projects that were beautiful.  

My husband and I opened No722 so that we can help inspire others to be creative and to provide artists (or people like me "wanta be artist") with the supplies and tools to help them create amazing pieces.  

I hope you enjoy the products we sell as much as I do. 

Thank you for visiting our page